Finding Your Passion

I alway get asked about how I managed to find out what I was passionate about. For me, I honestly feel that my passion found me sitting on the curb all bummed out and we came to a mutual agreement. lol.. joking. My passion has always been creating. Whether its designing a bag, sewing decorative home items,  or cooking up a random meal in the kitchen. Overall, I’m a very hands on person. I simply love to create. I love the challenge or getting it wrong and having to do it over again until I get it right. I love the  satisfaction of being able to take a step back and look at my master piece in pure amazement. With my love of creating came my love for fashion and style. I can’t say that I follow trends at all. I love self-expression too much to stick to a trend or to constantly follow seasons. (Plus, I live in Florida, it’s not like we have many seasons here lol)  I combined my love for creating, fashion and style and created my company Calibri Designs!


(My Clutches on Display at a Festival)

When it comes to finding your passion, I feel as though many people go wrong by trying to narrow it down to something specific, like making candles on a Tuesday at exactly 9:00AM every morning. It doesn’t have to be that detailed or specific! Just start with a general Idea of what it is that you love to do. Do you love helping people? Do you enjoy researching or reading? Are you a great debater? or Are you great with finances and budgeting? What ever it is that you love to do try combining it with hobbies and other interests. For instance, I have a friend that loved taking baby sitting. When she had her first child, she realized how much she enjoyed being home and caring for her daughter. Now she’s planning to open up a daycare!

Or even with my colleagues over at Debonair District, they took their love for fashion, music, art and creativity to launch an online marketplace that promotes their line of clothing and accessories while supporting local creative enthusiasts. Just truly take the time out and think about the things you love. Write them down and actively take a journey to finding your passion.

(Supporting the Debonair District in a Limited Edition Hoodie)

(Supporting the Debonair District in a Limited Edition Hoodie)

If you’re just completely lost and absolutely do not know what you love to do, try taking career personality assessments to see what fields you would be good in. Heres a good one to try (Click here for assessment) or even this assessment (Click here). The key to finding your passion is that you have to be willing and open to learning about the things you love to do. Then from there narrow it down to an industry.

I hope this post helped to get you thinking about what it is that you love to do!

(Tell me about some of the things you love to do!?)

Happy Passion Hunting!

Stay focused and Inspired

Teshia Nicole

4 thoughts on “Finding Your Passion

  1. Great post! I have so much that I like to do honestly LOL. I like the fact that you said we don’t need to narrow it down to one thing, it can be multiple things that we are passionate about. For a while, I had many people tell me “how are you able to do all these things? It just really shows that you lack focus.” It used to discourage me but now I embrace all my talents and I am unapologetic about it! And like you, I encourage everyone else to do that also! I enjoy making jewelry with sole purpose of spreading love. I love writing poetry that encourages self-love and self expression. I love photography wholeheartedly because I can capture the true essence of life in all aspects. This is why I chose “dare2beedifferent” as the name for my brand because you cannot categorize me, I am not one thing, but all things. I challenge everyone else to do that as well. Thanks again for the this. thought-provoking post. Take care Queen! 👑

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    • In love with your response!!! I completely agree! Don’t let your talents go to waste use them all and find your own focus! You can do them all just find an avenue that represents the things that you love to do and run with it! I use to think I was crazy for loving so many things and wanting to be involved in everything but this blog is making me realize that it’s all possible! So many ideas to share and introduce. I just want to continue to inspire others to find their focus and platform. Can’t wait for you to take your big leap into the full time passion-living field 🙂


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