The Power in Being a One Woman Team


Or One Man team. Becoming a freelancer was not an easy task. Honestly, it was never meant to be easy. Freelancing is a journey in itself and you will surely learn a lot about yourself while going through this process. Regardless of how you became a freelancer, the one most important advice that I will give you is to NEVER, EVER feel bad for yourself or doubt yourself. Self doubt and pity are self-destructive emotions that will only hold you back and limit you. Don’t do it! We all have our down days and you are going to have amazing “up” days to counteract those days as well. You have to stay focused and remember why you started this journey. Remember why you quit your 9 to 5 (If you’ve move that amazing step). That was a bold move, so don’t stop making those bold moves now on account of one bad situation or one bad day.

Now before I stray too far away from the topic of being a “One Woman .. or Man Team.” There is so much power in being a small startup, entrepreneur, freelancer…however you choose to classify it. So much power in starting from the ground up and bootstrapping your way through the business world. The one thing that I have been able to capitalize on the most is my inability to be patient and my love for learning. Ironic … I know, just let me explain.

So… I am indeed very impatient. I am not a fan of waiting on others to complete things for me. My inability to be patient actually fosters to my love for learning. I have always been the type to try to teach myself things as oppose to waiting on someone or paying for it. I completely dislike having to pay for something I can potentially do myself, especially if it wasn’t done the way I wanted it to be done. (So I’m impatient and I nitpick.. Wonk Wonk double negative) I’ve come to realize that there is nothing wrong with this. It’s actually a good thing.

My willingness and ability to learn these tasks rather than paying someone else to do them actually gives me an advantage over others. I am able to cut costs and I know exactly what is being done and how to do them. Confusion and miscommunication is reduced because I am in charge of the final product. Yes, I am investing time into learning these skills such as photography, editing pictures, SEO, and web design to name a few, but in the long run once I’ve master each skill, I will literally be a One Woman Team. I don’t know about you but it is definitely something to take pride in. Invest in yourself!

Aside from being able to apply them to your business, they are resume and portfolio builders. Even while working in the corporate world, I always made sure to be actively learning or developing my skills with the company. Because as we all know you still have to compete for positions in the corporate world. So why not make yourself as competitive as possible. Why not set yourself aside from the rest and make employers or clients “want” to work with you?


Some Sources for Self Development Classes, Tutorials and Seminars:

  • YouTube- Free
  • Local Library- Free
  • Groupon- Reduced Rate
  • Social Living- Reduced Living
  • Prices Vary
  • Blogs- Usually Free Lessons or DIYs
  • Pintrest- Offers Tons of Free information and Step by Step Guides
  • State Colleges- Usually offer seminars and introductory classes for Free or Small Fee
  • Local Businesses- Sometimes host free seminars
  • Usually Free
  • Facebook Events- Usually Free, prices may vary

There are so many sites and places out there to develop or master skills to make you more efficient. Take advantage of them and be the best YOU possible!

Quote of the Day: ” Invest in Yourself, Trust Me… You Can Afford it.”  

As always,

Stay focused and inspired!

Teshia Nicole

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