7 Tips to Creating A “Feels Like Home” Space

I’ve noticed a common compliment that I always seem to get when I have first time guests over. I always get the, “wow, this really feels like home” reaction from my guests, and I can’t help but think to myself, ” well I hope you don’t get too comfy and remember where your home is” lol… joking! I love it when my guests can get comfortable and relax. Nothing like having a great conversation or gathering in a homey space!

So here’s a list of things you can do to get that reaction too!

7 Tips to A Creating the “Feels Like Home” Space

One.| Get Use to Cleaning:

Yes, cleaning will have to be implemented into your busy routine! Whether its daily cleaning, weekly cleaning or cleaning in sections, whatever works best for you. After all, you’ll be the one doing the cleaning. For me, a combination of each works. I clean areas like the kitchen and living room daily. Since I have a townhouse, my kitchen and living room are always visible, their the first areas guests see. So naturally, I try to keep those areas clean as much as possible. Cleaning in these areas involves washing dishes, straightening pillows, dusting and sweeping the floors.

Upstairs on the other hand, I clean either in sections or on a weekly basis. Cleaning in sections involves picking a room or area of your home and focusing on that area. For me this can be focusing on my closet, the office space, the laundry area or cleaning off the counter space in the bathroom. Outside of section cleaning, I essentially deep clean on a weekly basis. This involves scrubbing the shower and sink, mopping the floors, wiping down the mirrors and dusting.

Two.| Get Organized:

I know… I know…Its not that bad! You don’t have to be OCD to be organized. Organization is more about finding a neat system that works best for you. Whether it be using decorative boxes to store items or creating a filing system in the office. The key to getting organized is creating a “home” for items. Organizing items by category works great as well.

For instance, I went through a few trial and errors attempting to find the perfect system for storing my fabric. I used the method of folding fabrics and stacking them on shelves. That became too annoying having to constantly re-fold and re-stack and sometimes the piles would fall over.  Then, I tried wrapping the fabric around  card board and organizing them like books. That didn’t last long at all. It didn’t look as neat to me and I would run out of cardboard to use! I know.. I have way too much fabric. I finally found what worked when I started cleaning out the closet in my office and realized how many hangers I had! So I neatly started folding the fabric onto the hangers. Two pieces of fabric fit comfortably onto one hanger! This took my fabric off of the shelves and onto the racks, which created more space to put other items for storage! That’s just the office! Do what works best for you and don’t be afraid of trying different tips and techniques until you get it right!

Three.| Create A Theme/Color Scheme

It’s important to have a general theme or color scheme for your home. This can vary from room to room or can be applied to the entire home. Just be sure not to over do it. An all white home can be a bit much and a bit annoying to keep clean as well! But if you do want to go for the all white look throw in some accent colors and textured pieces. Currently, the color scheme for my room is: gray, white, silver and hints of turquoise. The theme in my office is of course, work..work..work lol joking. In my office I wanted to create a space that was inspiring and open for creation and collaboration. The main color scheme is gold, white and black.

My living room and kitchen are pretty simple. Since they get the most use when guests are over, I made sure to make them comfortable and inviting. You don’t have to go broke decorating either. A lot of my accent pieces are thrifted or old pieces that I have refreshed by painting or sprucing up with flowers or glass beads that can be found at a local dollar store. Tap into your creative side and save a few dollars while decorating. This doesn’t have to be done in one day, take your time and really evaluate how you want your home to look and feel.

Four.| Pillow & Comfortable Seating

No one wants to stay in a home that has uncomfortable furniture or lacks pillows. This is not to say that you should fill your couch with pillows! Just keep in mind that you want your guests to be comfortable. A few pillows on the couch or even large floor pillows work well. Large floor pillows can even be conveniently stored under a coffee table when they’re not being used. Cushions for your dinning table works great as well! If you know a thing or two about sewing, you can easily make some pillows and seat cushions as a weekend project!

Moving over to your bedroom. You absolutely want to have pillows in this space. After all, you do sleep there, so make it as comfortable as possible! Just be sure to make your bed in the morning! For me, it works best to put my decorative pillows in a corner before going to bed and in the morning I place them back onto the bed. This avoids having to go all over the room picking up pillows because I decided to have a fight with a squirrel in my sleep. lol

Comfortable seating not only includes the sofa or bed but it also includes accent chairs or even your office chair. If you’re always in the office or on the computer, place a pillow on your office chair for comfort and to assist with your posture.

Five.| Window Treatments:

I’m not a huge fan of having a lot of curtains everywhere. Although, I I am a fan of having blinds in the home, peeping toms are everywhere! Anyways, I love the natural light during the day. Most days my blinds are open. Opting for natural light also cuts down on the energy bill! Having window treatments adds to the overall appeal of your home. You don’t have to have curtains or shades on every single window, you can do it sparingly. In my office for instance, I have sheer ivory curtains while downstairs I decided that the vertical blinds were enough for me. I’ve debated on putting up curtains but I always talk myself out of it. I love the simplicity of the area too much. My bedroom on the other hand has steel gray curtain panels that are offset to the side of each window as oppose to being directly above the window. This created the look of larger windows and allows for great lighting during the day. It’s the best feeling in the morning to wake up to a bright room as the sun rises.

Six.| Refreshments:

Yes, you should have snacks and refreshments available for guests. This is not to say that you should always have a fridge full of food JUST for guests! No, not at all. Whatever works and within your budget. For me, I drink a lot of water, so I always make sure to have water in the fridge for myself and guests or even tea. I LOVE tea!  I’ve never been a snacker, so having extra drinks available works well for me.

If I’m having a gathering, I love to create little snacks and or hand foods to match the theme of the gathering. To add to the look and appeal, I simply place snacks on a cute serving tray for guest at gatherings. See, that’s not so hard.

Seven.| Fragrances:

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I love, Love, LOVE candles and fragrance oils! I can burn through candles like crazy! It’s just something about smelling gingerbread cookies or sweet vanilla mid day. Just amazing! I love candles that last long and burn well. Heres a great post by Shopaholic Sam of candles from Bath & Body Works! If you’re not into the whole burning of candles or essential oils, there’s also candle warmers which works pretty well. Again, what ever works best for you.

Hope these tips help you to create that “Feels like home space!” Let me know if you already use these tips or what works best for you!

Stay focused and inspired!

love you guys!

Teshia Nicole

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