Black was Never Meant to be Boring

 I’ve mentioned this in quite a few of my posts. I love the color black. I love how it looks against my skin tone, the fitting is never wrong and I love that any color can be used to accent it. It’s the perfect template or starting point for any look. Black is such a universal and I non-restricting color… You can see why I love to wear black. But seriously, most of the times I find that people assume that black is a moody and boring color. Or it is assumed that if you wear too much black that you MUST be lacking a sense of style or personality. Not the case at all. Black has simply always been my go to color in the event that all other colors fail me.

You know the feeling when you’re shopping your closet, anxiously trying on various colors and looks but nothing seems to look right or be that perfect fit. When I get to this point, black has never let me down. If I want to jazz it up with some color I can easily add a bold statement necklace or wear a bold heel to really set the look off.


In this look, being that it’s a jumpsuit, I decided to so exactly that. I paired a soft and structured lilac necklace to incorporate a spring-like feel to this look. The cow print clutch (Available Here) in essence breaks up the continuous look of the jumpsuit. These super chic pointed-toe heels actually have an intricate gold design that essentially unifies my statement necklace and the hardware on the bag.


So let black bring you to life. Don’t buy into that old myth.



Quote of the Day:

“Women Who Wear Black Live Colorful Lives.”

– Neiman Marcus

As always,

Stay focused and inspired!

Teshia Nicole

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