Women Working Together: The Designer Edition


So recently I had the opportunity to work with another local designer as well as practice some of my photography skills! The designer I worked with will also be a designer in the upcoming Hair and Fashion Show; Beauty in the Arts. Which might I add, I will also be a featured designer in the show as well.

The show will be held at the Ritz Theater in Tampa, FL  on June 20, 2015 and I am beyond excited! Just to have the opportunity to showcase my work and work alongside other amazing designers! Side note: | For more show information vista: www.beautyinthearts.com or like the Facebook Event Page for constant Updates 🙂 |

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Black was Never Meant to be Boring

 I’ve mentioned this in quite a few of my posts. I love the color black. I love how it looks against my skin tone, the fitting is never wrong and I love that any color can be used to accent it. It’s the perfect template or starting point for any look. Black is such a universal and I non-restricting color… You can see why I love to wear black. But seriously, most of the times I find that people assume that black is a moody and boring color. Or it is assumed that if you wear too much black that you MUST be lacking a sense of style or personality. Not the case at all. Black has simply always been my go to color in the event that all other colors fail me.

You know the feeling when you’re shopping your closet, anxiously trying on various colors and looks but nothing seems to look right or be that perfect fit. When I get to this point, black has never let me down. If I want to jazz it up with some color I can easily add a bold statement necklace or wear a bold heel to really set the look off.


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The Power in Being a One Woman Team


Or One Man team. Becoming a freelancer was not an easy task. Honestly, it was never meant to be easy. Freelancing is a journey in itself and you will surely learn a lot about yourself while going through this process. Regardless of how you became a freelancer, the one most important advice that I will give you is to NEVER, EVER feel bad for yourself or doubt yourself. Self doubt and pity are self-destructive Continue reading

5 Tips to Getting Your Writing Tasks Done!

I actually think it’s quite ironic that I am writing this post. But its honestly a something that every freelancer should master and understand. Especially, if you’re looking to build your business and take on more clients in the future.

I found that after graduating college, and leaving my structured 9 to 5 that I was less motivated to complete simple writing tasks. It became harder to truly get started on these tasks and as a result I found myself masting the art of procrastination. Back in college or at my old job, I felt more prompt to write because I was being graded for it or because I was being micro managed. Essentially, I felt as though graduating college depended on completing my writing assignments and that my paycheck depended on writing emails/letters in the corporate world.

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The 7 Essential Benefits of Rose Water for Your Skin


So with my transition from the corporate world to the freelance world, I’ve vowed to find as many natural remedies and multipurpose personal products as possible. Not only are these ingredients cheaper but they are NATURAL! I have never liked the idea of not knowing how a product will affect my body or not being able to pronounce all of those lengthy 15 word chemical ingredients…I know I can’t be the only one! I simply love knowing exactly what is in the products that I am using and how it will affect my skin and body overtime. Yes, the products with ingredients you can’t pronounce can have an effect on your face and body long-term. This is way I began this journey to using natural remedies and products.

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