A few questions that always get asked by my peers:

Where are you from?

Tampa, Florida. My parents are both from Jamaica.

How long have you been sewing?

Since I aaas eight years old. Yes, eight years old. An older cousin did tailoring and alterations and to keep me busy he would give me scraps of fabric to mess with. That turned into me begging my parents for a toy sewing machine. Which eventually broke due to overuse! lol. From there I taught myself to hand sew. My mom bought me my first real sewing machine which was a Brother in middle school. I’ve been at it ever since!

What did you major in?

I attended a performing arts middle school and high school. I’ve majored in Art and Costuming for technically 7 years (combining both middle and high school). I attended Johnson & Wales University where I majored in Fashion Merchandising and completed my Bachelors at the University of South Florida.

How do you stay in shape?

I ran cross county in high school, so I naturally gravitate towards long distance running. Its relaxing and mentally freeing! I also love to jumprope. I am not a fan of heavy weights, I prefer to focus on core building and using my own weight to stay toned. Also, eating! I love to eat but I dislike fast food! So eating healthy and staying properly hydrated.

If you have any other questions do hesitate to ask!

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