The 7 Essential Benefits of Rose Water for Your Skin


So with my transition from the corporate world to the freelance world, I’ve vowed to find as many natural remedies and multipurpose personal products as possible. Not only are these ingredients cheaper but they are NATURAL! I have never liked the idea of not knowing how a product will affect my body or not being able to pronounce all of those lengthy 15 word chemical ingredients…I know I can’t be the only one! I simply love knowing exactly what is in the products that I am using and how it will affect my skin and body overtime. Yes, the products with ingredients you can’t pronounce can have an effect on your face and body long-term. This is way I began this journey to using natural remedies and products.

I will go into the other remedies I have discovered in later posts. Some of the remedies include oil cleansing, using Tea Tree oil to treat breakouts, facial masks and scrubs, shea butter for lotion. Before I go into the 7 Essential Benefits of Rose Water, I want to list some of the common ingredients in popular beauty products that are toxic:

Common Toxic Beauty Ingredients

Toluene: A potent solvent with the ability to dissolve paint and paint thinner. With long-term use it can affect your respiratory system, cause nausea and further irritation to your skin.

Phthalates: Generally added to products to add a delightful fragrance. This ingredient is typically not disclosed on every product label. It can be found in deodorants, perfumes/cologne, moisturizer and hairspray.

Parabens: Here’s an ingredient we’ve all heard over and over. It is typically used as a preservative to prevent the growth of bacteria in beauty products. It is sadly also connected to increasing the risk of breast cancer. It can be found primarily in makeup, shampoos, deodorant, body washes and facial cleansers.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: Another common ingredient. Generally found in body washes, shampoos and acne treatment products. This ingredient is known to cause kidney and respiratory damage.

And to think that’s just a few of the common toxic ingredients used in beauty products. Now, I don’t want you to think that I am trying to scare you into going natural or force my ideals on you. As stated before, I am on a journey to straying away from these harmful ingredients. This is just to make you a bit more conscious when purchasing products. The key to having flawless skin begins with your diet, the amount of water you drink daily, exercise, and then what products you’re using.

Now onto the 7 essential benefits of rose-water for your skin:

1. It helps to maintain your skin’s PH Balance

2. Softens dry skin

3. Prevents wrinkles and tightens pores

4. Helps with stress and can be used as an ingredient for Aromatherapy

5. Naturally hydrates, rejuvenate and moisturizer skin

6. Reduces eye puffiness

7. Heals and fades scars, cuts and wounds

How I use Rose Water:

  • Make up remover:
    • I simply spray the rose-water on a cotton ball and gentle rub off the make up
  • Toner:
    • As mentioned above rose-water helps to close your pores, balance your skin’s PH and fade scars. So after showering and before putting on a moisturizer I spray on some rose-water.
  • Refresh and Hydrate Skin:
    • On hot days or days when I can feel my face drying out, I spray some rose-water on.
  • As a Setting Spray for Makeup
    • After applying makeup, which on a typical day only includes eyeliner, mascara, filling in my brows with a pencil and concealer to shape my brows, I hold my rose-water spray bottle a few inches from my face and spray. (A maximum of 3 sprays to coat the surface of my face gets the job done)

The brand of rose-water that I use is Reviva.



Available at Vitamin Shoppe for $8.79

Of course, I will continue to update as I find natural replacements for my products and as I update my regime. Just remember that the key to healthy skin doesn’t start with what you put on your skin but more importantly evaluate what you put in your body.

As always,

Stay focused and inspired!

Love you guys!

Teshia Nicole

8 thoughts on “The 7 Essential Benefits of Rose Water for Your Skin

    • I love it! So many great uses and benefits. I use to actually spritz my hair in the morning with it but switched over to blending water and some essential oils in a spray bottle. It’s super hot in Florida and my hair needed more moisture. 🙂


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