I Woke Up Jobless…..Happy and Inspired

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Today I rolled out of bed fully rested, happy and overall full of inspiration. Would it shock you if I told you that I quit my job last Friday? Well, thats exactly what happened. I resigned last week and walked out feeling truly fortunate to have the opportunity to walk away from something that left me drained and mentally frustrated Monday through Friday. I honestly lived for the weekends! I would consistently wish my days away! Wishing for the time to fly by faster! Waiting on Fridays to come and dreading Sunday evenings because it only meant that Monday was near. Such a sad life to live!!

I woke up this morning beyond excited for this new journey and direction for my life! I’m 25 years old and ready to design my life in a way that allows me to truly live my life! No more wishing my days away or dreading Mondays! Just a lot of hard work towards my life goals and participating in events that only make me happy! Doing things that I want to do as oppose to working just to pay the bills.

How did I get to this point? I’ve sat back and asked myself this too many times! The best and most honest answer would be that I’ve passed up plenty of opportunities in my life. I was at one point or another, too afraid to take that leap of faith or financial risk. It took me working in a fields that had absolutely NOTHING to do with my interests but paid the bills to realize this.

What exactly are my interest? I’m a creator. I’ve always had a creative mind and I love designing. My interests include sewing and designing bags for my company Calibri Designs, interior decorating, traveling, cooking and budgeting! I worked at a call center the never touched the surface of anyone of my interests. You can see where the frustration came in to play. A constant battle of being stuck in a cubicle from 9am to 5pm. I wanted to explode!

Nonetheless, I don’t regret my decision one bit! I hope that all of you can ultimately find what it is that you’re most passionate about and turn it into a career! Never waste you’re talents or put them on the back burner. Your life should be filled with happiness, success, positivity and things that challenge you to be the best you ever!

Anyways off to finish up my first day as a full-time designer 🙂

Stay focused and inspired!

love you guys!

Teshia Nicole

8 thoughts on “I Woke Up Jobless…..Happy and Inspired

  1. Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Upset I had to find out about this via the Internet! But all that aside…I’m so happy for you!!!! I know you will do great things! Best of wishes on your new journey! You have my support! Love you!

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