50 Shades of Denim and a Red Head

Guess who became a red head! Yup Yup, I joined the dark side and I am truly in love with this hair color. I typically lean more towards a honey blonde or a copper tone. I can’t really pin point what truly made me change to such a drastic color. I can say that I’ve gone through a lot of changes and I’ve always loved the color.. after all red is one of my favorite colors.. next to black, grays and whites. Lately I’ve just been in that state of mind that you truly only live once and rather than contemplate and debate just do it. No need in stressing the what if’s or regretting not trying it.


Anyways, enough about my hair color. Today, I felt like rocking all denim with one of my newest clutches, “Bow Tie Affair”  I love this look. It’s such an effortless and casual look. Too bad it was blazing hot. It’s 91 degrees here. Yes, 91 degrees and we’re barely into summer!




(check the attitude I’m giving in this picture! Its the red hair I promise.

And to think I thought blonde had more fun! I’m in love!)


Stay focused and inspired!

Love you guys!

Teshia Nicole

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