Feeling Blue and Feminine

I woke up today feeling a bit more feminine than normal, so I tossed on this adorable skirt! I’ve had it for quite some time now and I can only recall wearing it once. But since I’ve vowed to myself that I would make better use of my closet, I am making it my mission to reduce and purge the unwanted or unworn items, while maximizing classic and key pieces.

I couldn’t for the life of my rid my closet of this skirt! I simply adored the shape and print too much! I paired it with a comfy, correction… super comfy grey bodysuit T-shirt; also a classic item that can be worn with many looks.

To tie this look together or any look for that matter, I grabbed my black strappy sandals. I loved these heels so much that I went back and purchased them in nude and red! (Don’t judge me!) It’s just rare that I find open toed shoes that truly suit the curve of my toes. Sounds weird.. I’m just picky like that. My final touch to this look was of course my Camille Clutch, apart of my SS2015 collection. It honesty goes with so many looks, that’s actually what I love the most about my bags.




Blue Lips… I dress and accessories my self according to how I’m feeling. Today I felt like wearing a color that I typically don’t wear. Pink.. I know you can’t see any pink, that’s because I mixed it. After applying the pink for an undertone, I blended a pastel purple shade and a vibrant blue to create this shade.





Bodysuit T-Shirt: AKI /Skirt: Worthington/Bag: Calibri Designs- Camille Clutch /Shoes: Delrose/Necklace: A Gift

Stay focused and inspired!

Love you guys!

Teshia Nicole

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