Thrifting: Out Of The Closet

I was beyond excited to do this post for you guys. I love shopping of course BUT I love a great bargain and I especially love going thrifting. I honestly haven’t purchased anything from the mall in a while. With my recent transition to entrepreneurship it was important that I cut as many expenses as possible. Shopping was one of them. Or if I wanted to continue shopping I needed to do so on a very restricted budget! Thrifting allows me to do just that.

I know, I know, some of you have a certain view about thrifting. That all of the items are overly worn, outdated, or I’ll fitting, right? Well that’s not always the case. All thrift stores are not created equal. You can find a lot of amazing, lightly worn pieces at thrift stores and you can find high-end brands at thrift and consignment stores as well. All it honestly takes to find quality key pieces is a little patience, an open mind and attention to detail. (Think Quality over Quantity)


While in Fort Lauderdale, we came across a thrift shop called “Out of the Closet” and we had to stop to check them out. We were greeted with great customer service, the store was super clean and well-organized. It was ridiculously easy to navigate and find what we needed, and to top it all off they had an amazing selection.


Below are the key pieces I selected:


$4.99 Chico Top


$4.99 Ann Taylor Top (Front View)


$4.99 Ann Taylor Top (Back View)


$3.49 Old Navy Top (tag still on)


$4.29 The Limited Flare Pants

(I plan to tailor these pants myself. That will be another post 🙂 )


$5.60 Cuffed Denim Jeans by Earl Jean

(This was my favorite! It’s rare that I find cuffed jeans that I love!)

I also grabbed a few good reads as well!


Each book was only $2.50! Peep the “Ordinary Women Extraordinary Sex” book (smirks) lol. I actually purchased it for a great friend. She’s beyond in tune with herself and her body. It’s quite admiring! I knew she would love this book!

It’s unfortunate that this store is ALL the way in Fort Lauderdale (about 4 hours from my primary residence). I’ll be adding it to my list of store to visit during my next trip!

Have you been thrifting lately? Any great finds? What are your thoughts?

Stay focused and inspired!

Love you guys!

Teshia Nicole

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