D.I.Y- Liven Up Your Dining Room With ReUpholstered Chairs

DSCN3348Over the weekend I decided to jazz up the dining room a bit. I love my dining room table set. It was handed down to me from my mom. It’s sturdy and has a classic yet modern appeal. So, I’m looking to keep it as long as possible.

Initially she covered the seating with plastic to protect the cushions. So, I decided that the easiest way to spruce up the set was to change out the cushion covers! 

I went back and forth on the color or pattern that I should use. I needed it to be neutral. I considered a solid color at first and then saw this print and fell in love immediately! It’s printed but it isn’t distracting. It adds just the right touch. So I grabbed it and started my weekend project!

Before Photo (Below)


Materials you’ll need:

1.5 Yards of Fabric (for 4 chairs)

Sheers (for cutting fabric)

Measuring Tape or ruler

Light Duty Staple Gun


Using the cushion as a template. I measured 4-5 inches around the seat cushion.


It doesn’t have to be perfect since you’ll be hiding the raw edges.


I tucked the edges under and added a few staples to each to secure the fabric.



You should have a similar look once you’re complete.


For the last step, screw the nails back in and all done!!


I changed out the flowers in the center of the table and all of a sudden I’m in love again!


It’s amazing how a simple D.I.Y. can liven up one area so fast! Simple and inexpensive changes are the best.

The fabric was about $6 (sold by the yard)

staple gun $8

faux flowers $4 dollars

Total: $18

(to cut the cost even further, you can opt to use a hammer and tiny nails if you have that available instead)

Stay focused and inspired!

Love you guys!

Teshia Nicole

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